Coach James Johnson jr.

James spent years with the army's WCAP (World class Athlete program) for greco roman wrestling.  James is currently a brown belt in bjj under professor chappelle and holds a 3 stripe black belt in tang soo do.  james is a phenomenal athlete with second to none technique to share.  

James Johnson Jr.

- Former Army World Class Greco Roman Wrestler

- 2005 World Team Trials, 2nd Place - 10 x All American

- 3rd degree Black Belt under Universal Martial Arts Federation

- brown Belt under Andrew Chappelle

- Active Duty in the U. S. Army, and former Drill Instructor

James johnson senior

James johnson is jame's father who has been teaching martial arts  since before james johnson jr was in existence. James is the head instructor for the kids program and a black belt in tang soo do. more to come.

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coach Job (Joe) Melton

Coach job is the head coach of "toe to toe" boxing club that started boxing in 1969 at North Side Chicago boys and girls club under the tutelage of tony zale. Coach Job also trained young men and women under the tutelage of bumble bee boxing club, and had the privilege of training his son terrell melton, who went on to be a 3 time junior golden gloves champion. He is by far one of the best striking coaches in the world with tons of successful experience training and improving the hands of mma fighters as well as boxers.

professor Brennan Deveraux

Brennan is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Under Professor Andrew Chappelle, and one of the most knowledgeable instructors you will ever come across. More to come on Brennan's profile.

stephen lim

Stephen is a very technical brazilian jiu jitsu purple belt under Andrew chappelle. stephen is truly an exemplary bjj practitioner, and very fun to roll with. More to come.

Professor Andrew Chappelle

 Andrew is a team alliance bJJ (Brazilian jiu jitsu) 2nd degree blackbelt under the creator of army combatives - matt larsen and the man behind Team alliance - Romero "Jacare" cavalcanti.  professor chappelle has been training BJJ for almost 18 years and also has 19 pro mixed martial arts fights. he also holds a black belt in modern army combatives.  professor chappelle served 5 years active duty as an airborne ranger (infantry), and then another 4 in the army reserves as a medic.   professor chappelle is known for his world class skills on the mat and his detail oriented technique.

Professor Andrew Chappelle

- Team Alliance BJJ Black Belt

- 19 Professional MMA fights

- Black Belt in Modern Army Combatives

- Level 4 Army combatives instructor

- Former Army Airborne Infantry Ranger and Medic

- CPR Instructor, EMT certified and licensed


-1st place in absolute/advanced division in no gi gracie open (Austin, tx)

1st place gi absolute/advanced division in houston open

​1st place no-gi absolute/advanced division in houston open