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mma, or mixed martial arts, is exactly what is sounds like. it is a mix of martial arts. although some mixed martial artists are more diverse and dynamic than others, mma usually consists of striking, and grappling. a good mixed martial artist is proficient in boxing, kickboxing/muay thai, wrestling, judo, bjj/grappling, and is a well rounded athlete.

our mma program is currently only open to fighters. there is a reason for this. mma is not an easy sport. furthermore, our program is a competition team, and not set up the same as our other class. in fact, our mma athletes are required to attend normal classes, so that they are technically proficient, and well rounded. however, our mma athletes work additional mma training, endurance training, sparring, and so forth. if you are interested in competing, please let your professor or instructor know.


 Category 5 MMA Training Facility